1.26 Microseconds

I have a bone to pick with some JPL whiz kids.

Apparently Chile’s 8.8 magnitude has shaken Planet Earth so hard that she has been pushed 8 centimeters! off her normal axis.

Our days are now 1.26 microseconds shorter.

That means, I have 1.26 microseconds less time to:

  • Blog
  • Do yoga and master Tree Pose
  • Finish my P90X
  • Eat slower
  • Make green tea and honey
  • Cook dinner for my roommates
  • Sit on the lawn at USC and soak up the sun
  • Edit my photography
  • Do my photography
  • Write thank-you notes
  • Go hiking
  • Go rock climbing
  • Walk the dog
  • Actually buy the dog to walk
  • Do my homework (note relative placement on this list)
  • Go to office hours
  • Make my own granola
  • Swim
  • Skype friends around the world
  • Write grant proposals
  • Plant a garden
  • Learn how to make souffle
  • Plan my next globe jaunt
  • Read the Empathic Civilization, The Leviathan, my collection of J.D. Salinger short stories, and the 53 other books waiting patiently on my bookshelf.

1.26 microseconds.

Perhaps these shorter days are a curse, in a way. But would I really use those 1.26 microseconds even if I could get them back? Would you?

I might be 1.26 microseconds short, but I have my health, my happiness, and my life. Thousands in Chile, Haiti, and across the globe have much bigger problems than not having the time to make homemade granola.

Chileans have 1.26 seconds less to:

  • Rebuild their homes
  • Dress their physical wounds
  • Clear the streets and freeways of rubble
  • Find the money to buy food and water for their families
  • Help neighbors regain a sense of stability and confidence
  • Pick up fallen belongings after countless aftershocks
  • Find solace in each other
  • Bury the dead

We have nothing to complain about here. In fact, we have everything we could ever need. And so, when I think about the 1.26 microseconds I have lost, I think about how I can use the rest of my microseconds to give back.

With my remaining 23 hours, 59 minutes, and however many microseconds I have in a single day, I promise to:

  • Pray for the lives of those living in tragedy
  • Send my love and my thoughts
  • Count my lucky stars for the blessings I have been given
  • Use these blessings to create a future for myself that is dedicated to helping others live a better life
  • Use the power of words and images to spread awareness about the world

For those of you who would like to read more about the devastation in Chile, my best friend and soul mate, Kaitlin King is studying abroad there, and was lucky enough to endure the quake with her Chilean family safely. Badly shaken, but without bruises and scrapes, KK is now pledging her time to helping those in southern Santiago who have been badly impacted by the earthquake. If you would like to read about her experience and her current efforts in Chile, please visit her blog at http://kaitlinmarieking.blogspot.com/ or click the image below to be automatically directed to her thoughts:

As you finish reading this post, please say a silent prayer with me for those around the world living in struggle.


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  1. You are my inspiration.

  2. Also, so wierd my parents told me about the time change thing last night and I was just about to blog about it today. Hello, soul mate.

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