One Man’s Trash is Another Man’s Feast

Raise your hands if you shop at




Raise your hand if, like me, you wish you could $$afford$$ to shop at all of the above…

However, I have recently discovered that if I were homeless, I could eat from all of these places every single night. And eat like a king at that.

Hunger is not a product of not having enough food to go around. Hunger is a product of individual irresponsibility, ignorance, apathy, and legal bullshit.

I heard about Dumpster Diving through a friend in D.C. who had worked on a documentary about the D.C. Dumpster Diving community. My first thought: These must be people who just want a free ride and some free groceries. Wrong.

Dumpster Divers care about the planet, about reducing waste and utilizing all of our resources.

Never in my life did I imagine how much food we would actually find in a dumpster.

The dive began at around 9:30 pm. We biked through Pasadena, CA making three stops: 1 at Bristol Farms and  2 at Trader Joes. Grocery stores wait until closing time to make their trash dump, and so the dive has to be a little on the late side.

I know what you’re thinking.

And no, we are not collecting trash.

Picture a bag of oranges. There are 20 oranges in this bag. 19 of these oranges are perfectly round, sparkling orange like a sweet, succulent planet. 1 of these oranges, however is rotten. So, Trader Joes is forced to throw away the whole bag of oranges. They don’t want to be sued, understandably. But that means that 19 oranges are wasted. So, the food that dumpster divers find is packaged, within a day or so of the marked expiration date, and perfectly good to eat.

We hit 2 dumpsters on 1 night and this is what we got:

We brought all the food back to a church, organized it, and cooked a delicious feast: roasted chicken and onions, grilled potatoes, fruit salad, green salads, cheese and crackers, grilled vegetables, steak, and other treats. Everything was delicious: I had generous helpings of each dish. After the meal, there was still enough food for the 20 of us to take home food to last for the rest of the week, and still feed a couple blocks of hungry people.

After feasting on a dumpster, I am perfectly healthy and my stomach full of food.

How about all those people who aren’t?

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  1. AMAZING. Making me hungry for that succulent food that I miss having here!

  2. OMG THAT IS CRAZY!! i’m hungry toooo

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