Introducing: Greenie the Genie

Greenie the Genie is the newest member of the Strange Situation Squad

On behalf of our planet brings us tidbits on the environment, and our fast-changing perceptions of Mother Earth.

Today’s Greenie Grain:

I’m sitting in a lecture hall, and the lecture is about to start.

The professor walks up to the front of the room, looks out at the class, and says

“Hey, Mike, can you put out your E-cigarette please?”

This is an indoor lecture hall.

I turn around and sure enough, a huge puff of smoke is floating out of the mouth of a fellow classmate, who is clutching a cigarette in his hand.

Turns out, Mike was smoking an E-Cigarette.

It releases steam, rather than smoke through an electronic mechanism. It looks and feels the same as a cigarette to the smoker. In fact, not only are electric cigarettes better for the environment, but they are also a way to wean smokers off of real cigarettes.

What a world…

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  1. i quit smoking 3 months ago yesterday. did the patch for 5 days then just ate alot of kit kat bars every time i wanted a cigarette. mmm oh the kit kat bar.

    • I’m so proud of you babe!! Congrats on quitting…love the way your life is going…and i definitely remember you and your kitkat obsession…glad to know they served a purpose other than your sweettooth (as i sit hear and munch on swedish fish) 😉

      i wonder what can help me quit swedish fish?

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