A Little Black Dress

I’ve heard of shoes changing the world.

I’ve heard of bags changing the world.

But I’ve never before heard of the little black dress changing the world.

Sheena Matheiken has the heart of an elephant, the business saavy of Shaun White, and the fashion sense of Audrey Hepburn, with a twist.

She started The Uniform Project, and today is Day 322. She and a friend designed a staple black dress, nothing fancy, but completely versatile for any weather, location, and accessory. She frequents eBay, Etsy, and flea markets galore like a madwoman, searching for gizmos and gadgets of plenty.

Here’s how the project works: She wears the little black dress every single day for a year, gathering donations and searching for icing to decorate the darling black treat. Inspired by the creative flare added to school uniforms by the children she grew up with in India, she wears the dress as a campaign to raise money for school uniforms and school supplies for impoverished children in India, through an organization called The Akanksha Foundation. After 322 days, Sheena has raised over $56,000 for children’s education in India.

If you didn’t watch the Oscars a couple of weeks ago, you no doubt at least saw a glimpse of some of the red carpet glitz and glam, plastered for weeks afterwards on magazine covers, newspapers, etc. I love fashion and I love clothes, but sustainable fashion, like Sheena is revealing, can be even more glamorous than the ten thousand dollar Oscar de la Renta. Opportunities like the Oscars represent the chance for celebrities with the influence and voice many of us dream about (including me) to talk about things that matter and wear things that matter. Yet, year after year we still see the delaRentaDiorMarchesaVersaceCartierArmaniTiffanys competitive celebrity wastefulness that characterizes the materialistic obsession of our society.

So thank you Sheena for wearing something with a voice.

Here are some of my favorite outfits, so you can see how incredibly creative she gets, including on Halloween!

Thank you to my friend Lily, co-founder of the revolutionary style blog: StyleLikeU, for turning me on to Sheena’s gloriousness. If only we could all be so wonderfully creative.

Watch Sheena’s StyleLikeU Shoot:


To see all of the Uniform Project outfits or to donate to Sheena’s cause, visit:



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