Jury Duty

I may have been more productive at jury duty than I have every other day this week, combined. So perhaps all the complaining paid off.

Here are all the things I did today, while sitting in a room full of LA’s Most Frustrated:

  • Got lost trying to find the courthouse and was 45 minutes late, just in time to miss orientation
  • Cleaned and organized my computer desktop (of maybe 300 items!)
  • Organized my photo folders
  • Blogged (a lot)
  • Downloaded my first eBook
  • Read my first eBook (or some of it) — Dead Aid by Dambisa Moyo
  • Caught up on some emails
  • Tried to learn how to write CSS, but failed
  • Checked the flavors at 21 Choices (Circus Animal Cookie and Raspberry Pomegranate, with too many rainbow sprinkles was the culmination of this Google search)
  • Only checked Facebook 3 times on my Blackberry (since the courtroom blocked it)
  • Created my class schedule for Fall 2010 (Foreign Policy Analysis, Honors Thesis Seminar, Social Entrepreneurship, and Thematic Option Science)
  • Walked down to Olvera Street, got a tamale, a churro, some sunflowers made from cornhusks, and Loteria, the Mexican version of Bingo to help teach my baby Spanish before Chile)
  • Played Bananagrams with myself
  • Played Bananagrams with the fidgety juror next to me
  • Lost my car in the parking lot and spent 45 minutes searching for it
  • Missed traffic and rewarded myself with the 21 Choices combination named above

Thank you Jury Duty

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