Ode to A Soul Mate

This goes out to my soul mate, my roommate, my bestest friend.

Let me tell you why she ruffles my feathers:

1) She abbreviates everything. {i.e. Perfect = “Perfs”, Totally = “Tots McGee”, Obviously = “Obs”}

2) She pronounces the word “basil” — ” baaaaaaazullll” (baa like a sheep)

3) She washes our plastic red party cups and our plastic silverware.

4) She fancies flea markets, dollar sales, Polaroids, and ethnic food. Just like me.

5) She will often tell the Starbucks barista that her name is “Caroline” or “Beatrice” or “Eleanor” in a British / Kiwi / Spanish / French accent.

6) She can find a use for everything and anything: from pants pockets to broken plates. She is a crafting wizard. She could make art out of dirt, literally. Thanks to her I changed all the buttons off my jackets and replaced them with silly non-matching ones. Just to be unique.

7) She sews with extra colorful, extra fun friendship bracelet thread. Because it’s cooler than normal thread.

8 ) She rocks a fannypack. And I mean rocks it.

9) She is a citizen of the world and loves people for being people. Period.

10) She has an Arepa machine. It only makes Arepas (Venezuelan deliciousness). And they are wonderful. She can also fry plantains.

11) She has the strongest values of anyone I know, and I am constantly reminded by the wafting hugs of her kind soul to check my pride and my attitude at the door when I walk into our apartment. She never judges me for my mistakes or my misfortunes.

12) She loves me for who I am.

Who needs 10 reasons when you’ve got 12?

Girl, I miss you and I love you. Can’t wait to see you in just a few weeks.

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  1. Oh, Rachel, it makes me both smile and shed a tear to read this beautiful and oh-so-true ode to my daughter. She is truly one of a kind and such a gift straight from the knitting needles of God to us (you can ask her about that reference..teehee). You are a gift to her and to us, too, Rach. We are so thankful for your friendship with us and with Kakes. WE love you!

  2. I am so honored I do not even know what to comment! I love you so much back, I really feel like this is one of the nicest ways anyone has showed me love 🙂 Wow wow wow wow I’m not that cool, haha. MuchĂ­simas gracias por este post tan amable y tan intimo, es un gran honor estar en tu vida y estar tu soul mate para siempre. No puedo esperar para las prĂłximas semanas antes de que vienes!!

    TE QUIERO COMO una MAñANA del DOLlAR SALE, URTH, y PLAYA seguido den una tarde de MIRANDO RACHEL ZOE y CORTANDO NUESTRA ROPA seguido de una noche de BAILANDO SALSA con hombres guapos y COMIENDO EL CHOLO TORTILLAS. Ah y después de todo eso? TE QUIERO como una noche de giggling y compartiendo historias de la vida 🙂 Ahhhhhhhhh

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