Happy Four and More

You know how you always twist the rings on my finger when you’re holding my hand?

I like that.

You know how you make me fried egg whites or oatmeal with fruit in the morning before you send me off on my day?

I like that.

You know how you let me steal all of your comfy sweaters?

I like that.

You know how you make those gross pig noises to get me to stop tickling you?

I secretly like that.

You know how you rub my feet without me even asking?

I like that too. A lot.

You know how you read to me so that I will fall asleep first?

I love that.

You know how we always go grocery shopping minutes before we make dinner?

I like that.

You know how we always make dinner together and talk and debate?

That’s my favorite.

Remember when I made you scream “CHARGE” at the Dodger game even though you thought it was goofy?

That was nice.

Remember when you swept me off my chair to slow dance with me to our favorite Jay Buchanan song?

That was really nice.

Remember when we laid in a field of poppies and loved life in Technicolor?

That was nice too.

Remember how you told me that “everyone has their day” when I was too scared to finish the climb at Point Dume?

You were so nice.

Remember when we saw Peeps at the grocery store and I squealed with joy?

Super nice.

Remember when we discovered dried figs?


Remember when we spent the day searching grocery stores for frozen bananas?

That was fun.

Remember when we bought the shiisha?

So fun.

Remember when I thought it would be funny to brush shaving cream all over my face?

So funny.

Remember when we had a feast out of a dumpster?

Funny and fun.

Remember when you took a chance on me that day at the gym.

That was it.

Happy Four and More.

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