My Situation

My name is Rachel Lauren Tobias.

I love the Earth.

I love the People of the Earth.

My life goal is to Make My Mark.

I take pictures to exercise my eyes.

I like to eat Swedish Fish, avocados, and rice with milk.

I always wear two different socks; even socks want to be unique.

I climb rocks so I can see the into the distance.

I’m 21 years old and I still take Flintstones vitamins.

I watch a TED talk once a day for inspiration.

I would love to know what inspires you.

Published on January 26, 2010 at 1:18 am  Comments (5)  

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  1. life inspires me, people, places, adventure, challenge, watching the world go by, the clouds change my emotion, the variety of colors in the tree’s, love, ambition, sleep, food…life is so rich, as long as i stay focused on what is in front of me i can remain truly happy.

    • Robert, your words, your heart, and your soul inspire me every day. Thank you for sharing your inspiration with me. Love to you always…

  2. You inspire me. Seriously. Seriously? I am just so proud of you for realizing already that our situation is strange.

    I am also so proud of you for trying (and succeeding) to improve it when and where you can.

    Sorry, love you and publication of that is what you get for including me in your blog invitation….:)

    I’m no good at closure so will just say LOVE YOU LONG TIME! 😉

    Aunt Carole

  3. Rach…

    What inspires me?
    Passion. That´s what inspires me…

    Amazing how three days can change the thinking of someone. You inspired me. Yes you did. You have the power to inspire people…
    I realized that this power is named also as love. Love for the life. Love for the people. Love for Earth. Love for the good and right things is life. I thank you for each minute that we spend together, I thank you for the great thoughts you caused me. I thank you for the inspiration.
    Thanks for exist.

    Take good care of yourself.
    Long life to you.


  4. Rachel–Your blog is a breath of fresh air! Today I read a long Atlantic article about how your generation will be affected by the recession, and it got me feeling pretty blue and worried for you all. . .until I read your posts and realized that you will be fine! You’re so much wiser and more aware and more thoughtful than my friends and I were at twenty-one. You will be fine! You’re already making a difference in the world, by thinking and writing and reaching out. I share your ambivalence about Facebook, by the way, but I’m also going to post a link to your blog on my page! So glad to know you, in person and online! Katrina

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