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Never Have I Ever

Beginning January 1st, I will be doing something new


Adventures will be documented on my new blog: “Never Have I Ever” at


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Body Art: Today’s TEDTalks Playlist

Today’s playlist is about the human body, with speakers who give new meaning to our inner workings. What do enzymes and chromosomes have to do with art, and how can a stroke project beauty?

Visit the TEDBlog for the complete playlist:

My favorite, a truly inspired talk that will blow your mind (literally…):

Jill Bolte Taylor’s massive stroke helps her see within and beyond her own body and brain.

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While TED is on a two-week vacation, I am curating playlists, one for each day, comprised of older or forgotten TEDTalks. After watching hundreds of talks, these are some really great ones.

Monday: Life Stories (click the link to be taken to the full playlist)

My personal favorite from Monday, Stefan Sagmeister, on what he has learned.

Tuesday: Living, Breathing Architecture

My favorite off of this playlist, and this is an absolute must-watch, is Bjarke Ingels.

Wednesday: Childish Thinking

Also a must-watch, Rick Smolan tells the story of a girl.

Look out for tomorrow’s playlist about the intersection of art and biology on the TEDBlog!

A Few Favorites

New York wasn’t exactly my cup of tea. (It was always too hot for a cup of tea anyway.)

I felt slightly spirit-less amid the buildings and the cement and the hustle and bustle. I missed the mountains, and the sun, and the fresh air off the ocean.

That’s not to say that I didn’t love anything there.

So, here are a few of my favorite things from NYC:

1) TED

(Photo Credit Robert Leslie / TED)

  • I literally get to watch TEDTalks all day. Pretty awesome.
  • I love my boss. She is adorable. She brought me chocolates in a pink, heart-shaped box when I left New York. She calls me Miss Rachel. She uses “noodle” as a verb. She’s pretty much the best boss ever.
  • I got to go to TEDxOilSpill in D.C., which was incredibly eye-opening, depressing, and inspiring all at the same time.

  • This was my desk:

How cool is that.

2) Mr. Softee

There are Mr. Softee trucks on virtually every corner. It’s a glorious sight.

I’d like some ice cream with my rainbow sprinkles, please.

3) Pizza at 2AM

One night I got off my waitressing job at around 2 and was starved…yes, starved for pizza. Of course, it wasn’t difficult to find. And as disgusting as it is, I was thrilled beyond measure to find pizza for sale in the middle of the night.

4) The Trump Soho Hotel

I spotted it outside the window while on the phone in a back corner of my office. I had never noticed it before, not even walking to work. But it struck me as an incredible piece of architecture…almost as if it was a three-dimensional cutout of the scenery!

5) Green Thumb Community Gardens

This garden was right outside of my apartment. When it wasn’t too muggy, it was a lovely place to read, practice photography, or just sit. Even sitting right next to the street, you could almost simulate the feeling of a real park. This was a Green Thumb community garden, which I would find all over the city, in converted alleyways and other unused spaces.

6) My Friends (Slash Lifesavers)

Will and Anjali always let me tag along. We made frozen bananas, explored Central Park, and of course, played Bananagrams.

Lily, Anj, and I cleaning up after our summer dinner party, complete with chicken, mango salsa and caprese salad!

I must, of course, consider both banagrams and wine close companions.

Benny and I on the front steps of the Met. If it wasn’t for Benny’s visit, I don’t know what I would have done.

7) The Leather Man at the corner of Crosby and Spring

I love my new journal. If only I could afford one of his amazing leather shoulder bags.

8 ) The Churrasco at Cafe Cortadito

Chimicurri tacos are me and Benny’s go-to meal. So you can imagine my delight at finding an almost-as-delicious chimichurri and steak meal in NYC at the most charming little Cuban place called Cafe Cortadito. I ate there three times in one week; that’s how good it was.

9) The Little Lebowski Store

That’s right. Everything Lebowski. In one store. Fabulous. My new shirt reads, “The Dude is my Boyfriend.”

9) High Line Park

High Line Park was my favorite place in the city. It was the only place I really felt at home and the only place I could think. It was built on top of the outdoor train tracks in the Meat Packing District. It was designed with creativity, attention to detail, and an understanding of nature. There are these wonderful benches that feel like pool chaises. I would lie on those and close my eyes or draw in my pretty leather journal.

RIP Swedish Fish

I always have stomachaches.

It’s probably the Swedish Fish. Or the Trader Joe’s Penguin Tummy Gummies. Or maybe it’s the candy corn.


After watching Food Inc., listening to Jamie Oliver, and reading far too much Michael Pollan, I have decided to make some changes in the way I eat.

1) Buy produce and meat locally (even if that means spending more money / going the distance, literally, to find it).

2) Buy only produce that is in season.

3). Eliminate processed foods. Yep, that means, no more candy.

So, in honor of the death of my candy habit, I would like to post a picture commemorating some of my favorite friends who have given me so much love and happiness over the years. (Candy courtesy of Dylan’s Candy Bar in NYC.)

Please join me in a moment of silence.

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I Can’t Find My Parachute

Last week I did this:

This week I did this:

Except now I seem to be without parachute.

My fear hasn’t quite subsided. It was easier to jump out of a plane than move to New York City.

See when your toes dangle off the edge of a plane, it doesn’t feel as real as it is.

But when your toes dangle off the edge of a noisy subway platform, the reality of the situation comes rushing to your face with the passing of the train. The city is loud, tall, and most of the time it smells. Everyone moves so quickly.

I like the sunshine and the mountains and the oceans and smiling at people on the street.

I’m still scared, and I miss home and the people who come with it. But I know that when I make the leap and let myself free fall, explore flea markets and New York vintage, spend evenings with friends, canoodle with TED, drink my Mud soy chai, and find the treasures that this city has to offer…

I will find my parachute.

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