RIP Swedish Fish

I always have stomachaches.

It’s probably the Swedish Fish. Or the Trader Joe’s Penguin Tummy Gummies. Or maybe it’s the candy corn.


After watching Food Inc., listening to Jamie Oliver, and reading far too much Michael Pollan, I have decided to make some changes in the way I eat.

1) Buy produce and meat locally (even if that means spending more money / going the distance, literally, to find it).

2) Buy only produce that is in season.

3). Eliminate processed foods. Yep, that means, no more candy.

So, in honor of the death of my candy habit, I would like to post a picture commemorating some of my favorite friends who have given me so much love and happiness over the years. (Candy courtesy of Dylan’s Candy Bar in NYC.)

Please join me in a moment of silence.

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